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    LC History HL- U.S. Race Relations Essay plan Meabhb

    Struggling big time to come up with plan for intro, 6 paragraphs and a conclusion for 2014 qst: what were the main developments in race relations in the U.S. 1945-1968. If anyone has any suggestions they'd be much appreciated!

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      Intro talk about problems in southern states mention jim crow laws and rascism as a result.

      Para. Need for change in USA black people unsatisfied prepared to fight for freedom and reasons why ie more educated, television highlighted problems etc

      Para 2.Truman desegregating the army but talk about how officers etc largely white

      Para 3. Cases that brought change eg brown vs the board of education, Murder of Emmett Till outrage, bussing

      Para 4. Role of Martin Luther King. pastor,peaceful contrast to malcolm x,inspired by ghandi. Lead March from selma to Montgomery huge success gave black peple voting right

      Para 6.Short paragraph about bus boycott in Montgomery, Rosa Parks,results desegregation on buses.

      Conclusion:as you can see race relations were strained in these yeah blah blah but the strength and determination of the coloured people brought about change that is still remembered today.

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      does anyone have the essay on the jarrow march ???

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      and the show trials???

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      Stalin Show Trials + Terros

      attachment Stalin.doc

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