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Lc predictions

I am getting pretty worried looking back on previous years of questions as there seems to be no pattern of questions whatsoever or is that just me?

E.Devitt — 03/11/16
Our teacher has been through this with us theres a fairly good pattern to follow. There's always a question on Parnell and/or land reform in the 1870-1914 section it just comes up in different ways. There's also always a question on Cosgrave and/or DeValera including state building anglo irish relations or the emergency and usually a mix of them and others. We're doing American history and there's always a foreign policy essay and Vietnam hasn't been up in a while as an essay in itself so there's a good chance of it coming up though it may not. 2011 was the last time. I hope you're doing one or more of these modules so you can use some of that advice
So leaving cert... — 03/11/16
Ya, we have done a dev essay and we will most likely be doing an American FP essay soon
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