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    Leaving cert Higher level history predictions Its_happiness

    these are my predictions based on what hasnt been on the paper for the last year or two

    Topic 5: polictis and society in Northern ireland

    - Coleraine and or apprentice boys

    - effective leader ; brookeborough or o'neil

    - civil rights movement

    topic 6 - United States and the Wider world

    - Johnson and Vietnam

    - relgion / mass media

    - moonlanding

    - harry truman

    Topic 3: pursuit of sovernity and impact of partition

    - from 1912 onwards what factors contributed to the partition of ireland, 1920?

    - 1916 causes and consequences

    - anglo irish treaty 1921

    - the rise of the second sinn féin part and the 1918 election

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      Yeah I agree with you predictions. Dev and anglo irish relations could come up for Ireland Topic 3 too, and the eucharistic congress. :)

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      the eucharistic congress 1932 came up as the document based question for topic 3 in 2015 so i dont think it will come up as an essay

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      Would you think us economy has a chance?

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      in 2014- what were the significant developments in the usa economy 1945 -1989 came up then in 2013 what was the impact on the Us economy of one of more of the following ....

      wasnt on the paper last year so it may come up but since it was up just recently chances are slim

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      Topic 3:


      Anglo-Irish Relations,1923-39

      Consolation of Decomcracy 1923-39

      In what ways did government promote Cultural Idenity in Ireland, North and South, 1912-1939

      Social Economic problems in Northern Ireland, 1920-1930s( maybe)

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      Ni Leighin

      What are the chances of consolidation of democracy? Came up in 2008 I think! Trying to decide between it and steps to partition.....

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