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    people in history bloggsy

    How do you answer a people in history question properly?

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      The best advice I'd ever received from my history teacher on how to answer them was this:

      You get two marks for an introduction, setting the place, time, introducing the character etc.The body of your essay is worth 20 marks - she told us it was 16 stated facts or 8 explained ones but told us to put as much information in them as we could remember and keep it in chronological order if it was based on a person. Then your conclusion is 2 marks and you just sum up what happened or if say for example, it's George Washington, how and when he died, or on a generic topic, how this impacted the world.

      I went through the past papers and found that mostly your asked on second year topics as section 6 contains the detailed third year stuff, but I'd know some of these as well just in case.

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