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Pursuit of sovereignty predictions

What essays is everyone learning for this topic?

neev98 — 04/06/16
I'm learning: Treaty Controversy Consolidation of Democracy Impact of ww2 north & south The Eucharistic Congress A lot of people have been predicting Padraig Pearse will come up in some way also :)
Tenno — 04/06/16
Anglo Irish relations too ��
Sarah_7402 — 04/06/16
Impact of partition hasnt come up in a while :)
smurphs411 — 05/06/16
Impact of ww2 on Ireland north and south (Belfast bombings)
Ni Leighin — 11/06/16
Substituting congress for anglo irish relations as it was the document last year.... Same otherwise!
christine61998 — 12/06/16
Is impact of ww2 on north and south likely??
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