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    RSR word limit ChristopherG

    I've just did the word count for the extended essay and I'm about 30 words over the 1500 limit including the review. Would I get away with this or should I try and find a way to reduce it?

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      No I think 30 words over is fine! Most people in my class are a good bit over the word count. As long as you can fit it into the booklet you should be grand!

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      OK thanks :)

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      @ChristopherG No worries, Best of luck!

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      @ChristopherG Hey sorry to bother again but did you by any chance have the history mock with Jarrow March as the case study?

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      Sorry, no, the show trials came up in my mock.

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      @ChristopherG oh okay we had the same one so! No worries

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