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    Studying History - Need help!! Abswoods

    Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas or tips on how to study history? I write detailed essay plans on possible essays that could be asked on each topic but it is still hard to remember all the details! Thanks :)

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      Usually I write down in bullet points all the main facts in different colours or sections. I think repeating and saying the facts over to you in your head or aloud can really help! Also watching videos on YouTube relating to the topic can give a really good overall understanding and you remember quite a lot of what you watch and it isn't boring. That is just what I fine useful but it might work for you!

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      I also write it in bullet points and revise wise books have very good bullet points for people in histories :)

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      Thanks so much! The video idea is really good! Fingers crossed it will work :)

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      just wondering if you any notes on Coleraine universitycontroversy

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