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    URGENT!!!! CaolanH

    If I learn the sample essay on Coleraine will I get an A1 in that answer.

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      barry goulding

      Depnds on the length, A1 should be 6/7 pages minimum

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      Definitely not 6/7 pages. What you need to write is an introduction, then a minimum of 5 paragraphs answering the question and then a conclusion. Each of the 5 paragraphs get marked out of 12 marks but it's unlikely you'll get all 12 marks for each paragraph so if you can write more, but writing more does not equal higher marks.

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      I get what you guys are saying but I know how to write an A1 essay but at this stage I'm not going to write an essay I haven't done yet so I'm wondering to you think this essay will get over 90 marks

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