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    Whats It Like ? skittles studier

    Hi I picked history as one of my subjects for fifth year , I did it for my junior cert and got on well but is it similar to junior cert history or is alot harder would love some who has done it in fifth years opinion Thanks

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      Leaving certificate history is similar in context to JC however there is a lot more expected and examined. Essays are more difficult but it is an enjoyable subject. I just did my leaving cert and got a B1 in HL History. To be honest all subjects in Leaving Cert are hard but if you enjoyed JC history then you should do history.

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      If you really enjoy history and are good enough at English, then LC history is for you. You lean in much more detail tan in Junior Cert but it is centered only in Later Modern history. The Project was, in my opinión, the best part of the course as you get to explore a topic of your interest.

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