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    Which Essays Are You Learning? + My Teacher's Predictions Vilandas_6368

    My teacher managed to predict my JC essays extremely well, hoping she can do well again.

    Topic 3: Irish History

    Consolidation of Democracy

    Anglo-Irish Relations

    Anglo-Irish Treaty -> Civil War

    Pรกdraig Pearse

    Topic 5: Irish History

    Apprentice Boys Of Derry

    Coleraine University Controversy

    Civil Rights

    Anglo-Irish Agreement

    Topic 4: European History

    Sovietisation of Eastern Europe

    Hungarian Uprising

    Cold War 1945-1992

    Marriage/Family/Role Of Women/ Mass Media

    Anybody else focusing on those topics? Which essays will you be learning? If you have any comments that were made by your teachers surrounding Topic's 3,4 and 5 I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know what they recommended! Cheers.

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      Anything for Ireland Topic 2 or USA???

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      What I've mentioned above is all that we are preparing ourselves for. Didn't do USA at all in our course.

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      what does consolidation of democracy mean

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      What actions were taken to ensure the survival of democracy in Ireland.

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      Yeah, what if she is completely wrong, that will not be to good for you

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      Well it's not like you can learn the entire course that'd be impossible. I've about a 1300 words essay for the 12 titles mentioned above. Hopefully on the day I'll be able to find a similar question and manipulate the answer to suit the new question.

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      Weird. They are the exact essays our teacher told us. Although she also said to learn Origins of the Cold War.

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      Thats kind of great to hear Jamie. Hopefully they're right!

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      Civil war are the ones I'm planning to focus on. Especially Colraine cause my teacher thinks it might come up

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      Would you be paying particular attention to these, but also studying other topics too?

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      She also said Michael Collins' contribution ls to Irish affairs because he hasn't came up in years.

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      @Katea Well in our school we are only focusing on these. Now it is possible that none of them will come up and we will just have to give our best at trying to come up with something based on our general knowledge but having all 12 of those learned gives you a high a chance of at least 1 coming up from each topic.

      @Jamie Will take a look at that as well, cheers pal.

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      hey do you think the welfare state for NI would be unlikely to come up? reallllly hoping for that

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      That's not something that we have prepared, but I have seen that thrown around a bunch on here so maybe.

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      Does anyone by any chance have sample essays for the consolidation of democracy or anglo-irish relations? My teacher only bothered to get us the case study book for last year, so it has nothing on either of those topics!

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      I do Catlin, how do you want them sent over? FB or Email?

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      Would I be able to get them as well please my email is, thanks a million.

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      Sent them to you Ellen

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      Could you send them to me as well thanks

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      Could i please get them too I've nothing on the consolidation of democracy

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      Chloe Hennigar

      And to me thanks

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      Does anybody have any predictions for USA?

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      I'm seriously hoping for Lyndon Johnson and his involvement in the Vietnam war.

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      Chloe Hennigar

      ^ yes or Montgomery bus boycott!!

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      Yes ^but I dunno because it came up last year ๐Ÿ˜ญ Would love the question about the treaty being controversial

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      Hey ya

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      Hi would you be able to email me the essay on anglo-irish relations? To if you wouldnt mind?

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      Montgomery came up last year so it's not particularly due. Same with the US foreign policy essays including Korea, Berlin, Vietnam etc. Learn Vietnam, Causes and Consequences of US involvement in Vietnam, Johnson and Vietnam as well as Johnson Key Personality to cover you for that portion, and for Civil Rights know the general civil rights struggle essay and MLK Key Personality essay and that should really cover you for the USA topic

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      Can you send the anglo-irish Relations to me aswell. And anything you have on Ireland topic 2/3. Thanks very much

      sound! :)

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      What time frame would anyone be looking at for Anglo-Irish relations??

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      I'd say 1922-1949 because they may ask just Dev, but sometimes they ask you to compare them under Cosgrave and Dev

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      email please!! <3

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      Me too please ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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      Is this HL?

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      email me please easy too ๐Ÿ™

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      Orla McKenna

      What case study question do you think will come up?

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      Can I get those essays on anglo-irish relations and consolidating democracy as well please? Would really appreciate it!

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      I'm focusing on the following:

      Ireland topic 2: movement for reform

      - Career of Parnell, successes and failures, contribution to the HR movement

      - success of the unionist movement up to 1914 (in contrast to Redmond)

      - Strike and Lockout 1913

      - The GAA

      Ireland topic 3: impact of partition

      - causes and consequences of 1916 rising

      - Development and eventual success of the Sinn Fein Party

      - Treaty controversy and impact on ireland

      - Eucharishic congress

      USA history

      - developments in economy

      - the moon landing and its significance

      - Johnson and vietnam, why US lost the vietnam war

      - Truman and Berlin, Korea, Cuba

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      Hi there, would you mind sending me those essays too please ?!? :)

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      Hi could someone send me Anglo Irish relations please!

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      Great predictions by my teacher once again!

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