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    Assignment 5 Ashleighwyse

    Gelatitisation , can someone please help me with the write up, i havent a clue what to do !

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      Keen studier

      Research: All you need is definition and dishes that show it

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      Jimmy Floyd Hasslebank

      Teacher here lookin for lovin

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      Jimmy Floyd Hasslebank

      Teacher here lookin for lovin

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      we made cheesecake using gelatine!

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      try this websitehttp// or try shortcuts to sucess for food assigments by Eilis Floodlet me know how you get on

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      Thank you !! :)

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      we made lasagne (roux sauce) to illustrate gelatinisation :)

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      Ms fallon

      If you join the ATHE you can access resources to help you prepare for doing the practical assignments

      I'm concerned to see that one poster said they used gelatine and made cheesecake. Gelatinisation of starch has nothing to do with gelatine. Google the term. Please Get those students to change their write up or they will loose 4% of their leaving cert marks!!!

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      where can you access the resources Ms Fallon and what would be a better example of gelatinisation?

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