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    HL Home Ec. Compulsory Q (Q1) The table Megs15

    Does anyone know how to get full marks on this section. I always lose marks on this somehow but i don't understand it as i have written like a full two pages on this question before. If anyone has any tips it would much appreciated as my own home ec teacher gives out to me all the time for it, but never gives me any help!

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      Perhaps you write in too much detail than what's actually needed. My advise would be to stick to the facts of what you see on the table. Always refer back to it, giving examples from it. Elaborate on your points. For example; if it's a table related to the types of cereals bought in a store, and it asks you to explain the best/worst cereal choice(s), suggest your cereal choice and then say WHY you'd pick it.Like nutritional value and the benefits of it for overall health in the long run. Hope I helped :)

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      Yes u helped a lot thank u so much, I do give too much detail 😢 however I will use ur advise in my mock on Monday, I was really panicked about this section but I don't feel as bad now. Thanks so much and thank u for taking your time to give me that valuable info 😄

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      You're most welcome! Anything to help, this leaving cert is so tough...we may not be ready now, but we sure will by June ^-^

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      That's a great attitude to have, I wish u the best of luck through out it all 😄 thanks again

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