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Exam Craft Mocks 2016 Long Questions Only

What were the long questions for Exam Craft 2016 Mock HL?

anonymous1234 — 29/05/16
Question 1 (a) Comment and elaborate on the nutritional significance of the foods available to custimers in this restaurant (CHART). (24) (b) Give an account of Vitamin C and include reference to: properties/sources/RDA (18) (C) Coeliacs rely heavily on the labelling of food (i) explain what coeliac disease is, including reference to symptoms (ii) list dietary guidelines for coeliacs (18) (d) Discuss, giving examples, how food labelling assists consumers in making informed food choices (20) Question 2 (a) (i) Discuss the nutritional significance of cheese in the diet (ii) Give details of the stages involved in the manufacture of cheese (24) I will add the rest soon!!!!!
anonymous1234 — 30/05/16
Question 2 (b) Explain the following in relation to proteins, giving examples. Gel formation Foam formation (16) (c) Give a brief outline of the role of the two national agencies in food safety (10) Question 3 (a) Using the headings below, conduct a comparative evaluation of a food that has been preserved by different methods Name of food Suitable methods of preservation The underlying principle of each method Effects of processing Use (26) (b) Evaluate the use of glass and metal as packaging materials in relation to: Suitability for purpose (advantages and disadvantages) Environmental impact (16) (c) List two examples of physical conditioning agents and their functions (8) Question 4 (a) Discuss, giving examples, the rights and responsibilities that consumers have (20) (b) Describe two different types of consumer research that are carried out. State two advantages of consumer research. (18) (c) Outline the Small Claims Court procedure, including in your answer why some cases may not be covered by the procedure (12) I will add 5 shortly. Which elective????
marziew — 30/05/16
Could you do elective 3 please??
Laura_4478 — 30/05/16
Thank you so much! Yes, Elective 3 please!
anonymous1234 — 30/05/16
Question 5 (a) (i) Explain, giving examples, what is meant by generation conflict. (ii) Outline the best way of dealing with generation conflict (20) (b) State the importance of making a will and outline the procedure involved (20) (c) Explain how the family is protected by The Family Law (Maintenance of Spouse and Children) Act, 1976 (10) Elective 3 (a) (i) Discuss the above statement in reference to: the groups of people most at risk of poverty in Ireland today the influence of social policy on poverty the cycle of deprivation in families and geographical areas (25) (ii) Define all of the following: (a) Relative Poverty (b) Absolute poverty (c) The Poverty Line (15) (iii) Outline two statutory initiatives aimed at eliminating poverty (10) (b) (i) Explain intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction in relation to work (10) (ii) Discuss how working conditions have improved in the workforce. Include in your answer reference to how the Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996 protects the rights of young workers. (c) (i) Discuss the main factors that affect a family's requirements for child care facilities. (12) (ii) Name and evaluate two types of child care options that are available to a family. (18)
anonymous1234 — 30/05/16
I have not included the quotes at the top of these questions, if you want the quotes/things. Let ME KNOW!!!!!
Laura_4478 — 31/05/16
Thanks a million, appreciate it.
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