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    Higher Level Predictions? Shauna_3688

    Im thinking something on cereals, fats/lipids, poverty, housing and possibly vitamins could come up, whats everyone elses verdicts? Any predictions??

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      I've a feeling sugar (carbs) could come up due to a that show that was on a while back about sugar and how it was very topical in the news !

      Also the fridge \ kettle.

      Irish diet hasn't come up in a while

      Vitc+B group

      Budgeting in consumers maybe

      And for elective 3 = poverty \ work \the family ☺

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      We have been told that pregnancy, iron and folic acid could come up together.

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      Additives seem very likely for a long Q

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      Carbohydrates, Cereals, TVP, Cheese, Milk, Vitamin C, Food Additives, Consumer Rights & Responsibilities, Family Structures

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      Yeah im thinking carbohydrates could come up too or the B vitamins with the cereals :) healthy eating is very topical lately so something surely must come up to do with the likes of it! also education seems likely it comes every year in the social elective? :) So much theory to learn so little time left :P goodluck everyone! this time 2 weeks and it'll all be over!

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      yup I'm failing

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      I heard making a will aswell is likely:)

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      carbohydrates and sugar was already a main topic on our journals

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