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    Home Economics Journal Keebee

    Does anyone know any good tips on how to write this? I've reached my brain dead

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      ye me too lol x

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      Which part of the journal may I ask???

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      I'm finding it hard to write the investigation section, I'm not sure how much information is necessary or whether it's just as much as possible. I've also found the safety requirements quite hard, cos I'm just used to cooking in my kitchen.

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      i recommend a big table in the investigation where possible! for safety points use basic things like wearing oven gloves, aprons , washing hands, tying back hair all them kind of things :)

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      2 points on Safety* Pot handles were pushed back ( weren't sticking out over the top of the cooker) so I wouldn't drag them down on top of me

      2 points on Hygine * I made sure to use separate chopping boards and knifes to prepare the chicken and the vegetables as to prevent cross contamination

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      ask your teacher for notes for the layout. for my journal investigation we all did the same lay out, table form is the best. its easier to ready and understand. also use different colour pens for headings so the examiner can read it better.

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