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    How did you find it? jen1293

    How did you find the HL exam?

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      really didnt expect fibre to be on the exam i was convinced it would be iron or vitamin c.. i was happy with the fish question and the comsumer question tho and the elective.. you?

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      didnt like q1 at all, felt it was too longwinded and dragged out nd it messed up my timing for the rest of the paper, when it said forms of vit d in q2 was it just chole/ergo calciferol or what?? :p other than that it was nice, nice SQs

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      i didnt finish q5, got as far as part b i spent too long on the elective! do you think that will effect my grade badly?

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      yeah it was chole/ergo chalciferol

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      was i supposed to elaborate or what? like i didnt know how to elaborate on it

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      Sure look its finishes! onwards and upwards woo

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      it was ok....Section B Q1 and the Elective 3 were not great though for me as i ran outta time for the Elective and rushed most of it. Although I thought that the short questions,B Q2 and Q4 were quite good. So annoyed addictive didn't come up as a long question :/

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      yeah just state where it came from etc. Be happy guys were feckin finished :D

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      I'm so glad it's over i was a nervous wreck during the exam but overall I'm quite pleased :)

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      I literally stared at the paper for ten minutes in shock

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      Did anyone else fine Q1 describing the table very confusing :/

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      question 1 was awful, too much emphasis on fibre through it all rest of paper was nice

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      happy enough q1 wasnt great but q4 and the elective 1 were really good and q2 was nice enough too thats the worst exam over now :)

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      Was delighted with the short questions, found part (a) and (e) on Q1 tough, delighted with Q2, taught Q5 was difficult to under stand what they were looking for, found the Elective 3 okay, delighted to see Poverty, found 3 (c) okay :)

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      Was coeliac disease a bowel disease :O

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      Thought it was a horrible paper!! There's not too much to write about fibre

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      Did anyone do OL? How did you find it? The Elective was lovely I have to say :)

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      Coeliac is a bowel disease

      What did people do for q5 when you talked about changing shopping patterns?

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      A lot of people found the table in Question 1 confusing and hard to understand

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      I wrote about 24 hour shopping, Internet shopping, multiple chain stores etc. For i Q5

      I wrote about music stimuli, loyalty schemes and bread making for ii

      And for the last I wrote bout the ombudsman. I dunno if this is 100% right though 😕

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      My sister is a HE teacher and said the table is very confusing and hard to understand what they were looking for however they will most likely be lenient in the marking scheme to accomodate this !

      if anybody has other questions i will ask her for u

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      Beautiful, beautiful paper!!!!!!

      Answer Q2,3 and Part c of Elective.

      Was delighted with it:-)

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      Anyone do the OL paper?

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      I did OL yes

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      Tbh it was a nice enough paper but I just couldn't concentrate and I just started panicked so I hardly got anything done :( went home and had a cry for myself that night but I'm trying to forget about it now but I'm still pissed off cause I studied so hard for it!

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      I thought it was a nice paper I flew threw it oh sorry too hear Katie.. You never know tho you could of done amazing it's quality not quantity

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