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King Lear - Character Q
jozx7r Leaving Cert Home Economics S & S — 08/06/16 2

If a question came up on 2 or 3 specific characters e.g people are predicting Cordelia & the Fool, is it okay if you do your introduction paragraph and then maybe 4 paragraphs on Cordelia and then 3 paragraphs on the Fool? Or would you have to incorporate one point with both characters in one paragraph? I have essays done on each character so it would be so much better if I could discuss each character in 3/4 paragraphs each ..

jozx7r — 08/06/16
I'm just realising this is in the wrong forum, sorry!
Lukee98 — 08/06/16
yeah i would discuss them separately so it would be more clearer to the examiner :)
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