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King Lear Single Text?
jozx7r Leaving Cert Home Economics S & S — 02/06/16 3

Is it possible that a question on a specific character will come up? E.g. a question on Cordelia, taking no other character into consideration and talking only about her? Or will it ask about a general character and you decide which character it is?

Ailbhe123 — 21/05/16
The q's could be a technical Q (Imagery, language..), A Q on characters (You can't pinpoint which character, it could be specific e.g they did a Q on Cordelia's role a few years ago, or it could be general e.g (Sample) Minor characters help shape the play as a whole or something..) Or a Q on themes! Hope this makes sense!
jozx7r — 21/05/16
Oh thank you so much!
caoimhedolan — 02/06/16
Do themes always appear for drama in HL English?
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