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Predictions for 16

Hey guys l, just wondering has anyone got any info from their teachers what's likely to come up? And also in elective 1? :)

Jaderennix — 08/05/16
Fish, vitamins, and minerals have a good chance of coming up! Fish the most as it hasn't come up for a few years now:) that's all I know
Sarah2990 — 09/05/16
Does anyone reckon the milling process, cheese or margarine will appear?
_Emma27 — 09/05/16
carbohydrates and cereals are 100% due additives technology family
roisinl13 — 19/05/16
my teacher keeps saying additives definitely
laurengal — 02/06/16
my teacher always emphasises the social studies section and then housing provision and factors affecting housing style, etc and definitely vitamins and additives
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