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predictions for higher level
by ChloeC27 Leaving Cert Home Economics S & S — 07/06/16 9

anyone have any predictions or tips on what to study for tomorrows higher level home ec exam please please help?

kathaswings — 07/06/16
my teacher and the other home ec teacher said that they reckon - additives (sweetners) etc - food profiles (making flour, butter, etc) anyway best of luck tomorrow :)
ChloeC27 — 07/06/16
omg thank u so much you life saver! appreciate it so much, good luck too you too :)
caoimhedolan — 07/06/16
vitamins and Carbohydrates :)
ChloeC27 — 07/06/16
thank u so much :)
roisinj2 — 07/06/16
iron, carbs, dairy products, diabetes, coeliac, additives, preservation, housing, shopping, mortgages, family structures, wills, elderly
ChloeC27 — 07/06/16
thank u :)
S Reade — 07/06/16
Section B: 1. Vitamin A/B, Vitamin D with fish, Vitamin B with cereals, Iron, Vitamin C 2. Cereals, CHD, Vegetarian, Diabetes, Bowel disorders/coeliacs, fish, cheese/yogurt, 3. Additives/convenience foods/packaging/labelling, shopping trends/outlets and preservation 4. Consumer Studies/credit/enviroment, REFRIGERATOR, textiles and house purchase 5. Family as a caring unit(special needs), family structure, making a will and children. Section C(elective) Poverty Legislation Effects of social change/ urbanisation Women in the workplace Unemployment and state responses Children Education
nevlynn — 07/06/16
What is CHD??
S Reade — 07/06/16
Coronary heart disease
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