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    Sensory Analysis jenlevis

    does anyone have sample questions for sensory analysis? Not sure what kinda questions can be asked and can't find any in past exam papers

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      No sorry Jennifer

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      No sorry bai wish I did

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      nice pic mol

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      There is a question in the 2007 paper. I think it's question 3?!

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      Oh you're right! Thank you!!

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      2013 B2. 2. ‘Given the priority for population dietary change there is a need for a greater understanding of the determinants that affect food choice.’ (The European Food Information Council)

      (a) Discuss the importance of aesthetic awareness in relation to the choice and presentation of food. (12)

      (b) (i) State, giving examples, when sensory analysis tests are used in the food industry.

      (ii) Name three main categories of sensory analysis tests and state the main purpose of the tests in each category. (26)

      (c) State the reasons why recipes may be modified / adapted. (12)

      2009 A8. 8. Outline two uses of sensory analysis in the food industry. Name one sensory analysis test used to detect differences in food samples.

      2007 B3. “Sensory analysis is a scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyse and interpret reactions to those characteristics of foods as they are perceived by the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing”. (Institute of Food Technologists, 1981)

      (a) Discuss the influence of any three of the senses when choosing, buying or eating food. (15)

      (b) Name three categories of Sensory Analysis tests and list one test from each category. (15)

      (c) Set out the conditions necessary for conducting Sensory Analysis testing to ensure accurate results. (20)

      2005 A5. (a) Give one reason why a food manufacturer might use sensory analysis testing. (2)

      (b) Name two categories of sensory analysis tests. List one test from each category. (4)

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