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Social Elective Predictions
by Rebecca_4336 Leaving Cert Home Economics S & S — 06/06/16 13

I'm thinking poverty and childcare.. any other predictions?

orlameehan — 18/05/16
Poverty definitely! Possibly a link to education
Ailbhe123 — 19/05/16
Is it too risky to leave out education? Since it came up last year!
Rebecca_4336 — 19/05/16
I was thinking about leaving the education out too
roisinl13 — 19/05/16
I was thinking of leaving education out because it's such a long chapter but I'm worried
Ailbhe123 — 20/05/16
Then again, It came up nearly every year, and on the second years as part (a). So this year would make it its second year, meaning it could appear as a part (a)!
Sandler — 20/05/16
I personally think education will come up because of the 1916 rising. You're welcome.
Sarah_7402 — 20/05/16
I'm thinking Unemployment, Poverty, and maybe Leisure again (I know it came up last year but Elective tends to be repetitive! And I def wouldn't leave out Education, because it's only not been on the paper twice since 2006!!)
eimaaah — 25/05/16
Definitely learn education its almost a guaranteed question!
jamielovesmusic123 — 02/06/16
Would it be the same for ordinary level???
Shauna_3688 — 04/06/16
Education & Poverty are my predictions!
timmy_x — 05/06/16
Homelessness would be big too!
timmy_x — 05/06/16
Oh and childcare!!
Collinserica97 — 06/06/16
My predictions are poverty , education and childcare .
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