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    Subject Choices Help Zozosmithy

    I will be choosing subjects for 5th year soon, and I have my mind half made up, I was considering doing home ec, but would like to know what you study/learn in 5th and 6th year??? :)

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      well it is Scientific and Social:

      Stuff that you learn:

      1. Food Science

      2. Health

      3. The Family

      4. Meat, Fish, Eggs , Cheese, Milk etc..

      5. Marriage&Law.

      A lot of stuff like this.

      you should consider looking at - Leaving Cert Subjects.

      This website gives great details about what is on the Home Economics (LC) Course.

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      I'm still in 4th year as well, but our HE teacher talked to us about the subject. There's a 20% food journal and you have to do 5 of 6 assignments in it. The remaining 80% is the exam paper (There's no practical exam) which consist of Short Questions, Long Questions (you have to answer Q1 and I think 2 others) and a question on your chosen Elective. There are 3 electives, one is about housing and stuff, then there's a fashion one (you have to sew for this one) and social studies (most ppl choose this one). The course is basically 3 parts: food studies, household budget/economy and sociology/social studies

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