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    Urgent Help Please! roisinl13

    Could anyone please tell me the names of the chapters 4,5,6,7,8 in the Lifelines textbook? I need to study for a test tomorrow but I don't know the chapter names as I left my book in school by mistake!

    Honestly I'll do anything if anyone can help me! Thank you

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      I have good notes for french which I can send on as a thank you if anyone can help me

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      Chapter 4: Meal planning and preparation

      Chapter 5: the Irish diet and food industry

      Chapter 6: food processing and packaging

      Chapter 7: microbiology

      Chapter 8: food spoilage and preservation

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      wow thanks so much! If you want French notes I can send them at the weekend just give me your email! Thanks again!

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      Don't do French but thanks for the offer , best of luck in your exam :)

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      oh okay no problem! Thank you!

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