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    vitamin b ellenryan

    does anyone have any easy way of learning vitamin b functions etc , thanks

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      Unfortunately there is no easy way,. I make pictures in my near to try remember the food sources and stuff, luckily there was no B vitamins on the DEB mock if that helps

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      In my head^

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      all b1 (thiamin) , b2 (riboflavin) and niacin:

      have the 3 common sources of yeast,offal and wheatgerm

      also 3 common functions co-enzyme for carbs, growth and healthy nerves

      (I then learnt one extra source and function for each)

      B6 pyrodoxine :for functions I remember that it is a co-enzyme for protein (as the p in pyrodoxine)

      for its sources I also thing of P for potatoes and all of its other sources are most basic foods. eg' meat,cereals,milk

      and for B12 cobalmin : for the sources I think C for cow : as all sources are in animal protein foods eg cheese,fish,meat

      also both of these B6 and B12 have the common function of working with iron to make red blood cells!

      sorry if this is confusing but this is how I remember! for the deficiency diseases and properties I just learn them it is really tricky. :)

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