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    Struggling with Honours guiller

    I done higher up to 3rd year and took the ordinary exam in JC and got an A. I want to do primary teaching so need honours. Im finding it really difficult as my problem is not with vocabulary but putting a sentance together. I try learn phrases but its so hard and i need help. any advide? (im in fifth year about to do xmas tests)

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      you just need to speak the language more often. I know it may be hard, but if you find someone to have a chat with, whether it be online or in your community, it will make a massive difference. In my class we aren't allowed to speak in English.

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      study for the oral because they are the easiest marks to get :)

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      Try listening or watching shows in the language! I know it sounds boring but I brought my Irish grade up from a C to an A at leaving cert honors by watching Aifric! :)

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      I'm the same, I done it upto 3rd year and I got a D on a higher level paper, My teacher wanted me to drop down because she thought I wasn't able for it but I'm taking it step by step and I have improved a bit, For our Christmas test she is just giving us an Oral instead of an oral and written paper and she told us if we don't pass the oral we have to drop down! so I'm just going to study. I just find the pronunciation the worst because you get docked marks for it, so I'm listened to the poems and everything online but all my miss tells us is to watch Irish programs and I does help.

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      Limerick city Irish oral classes given by state examiner.teanga bheo ,located in Thomas street .group rates! Bring a friend.

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      Irish oral prep. 40%. Phone siobhan @ Teanga Bheo ,limerick city.086 3013764

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      watch aifric listen to radio or tv in irish buy less stress more success irish higher level leaving cert good luck in becoming a teacher

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