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    An Triail 2016 mazzagirl24

    Okay so can someone clear this up for me, what exactly was the question asking us?

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      Ó Caomháinigh

      How her life changed after the "rince sa teach scoile" and he she tackled/challenged what has changed

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      oh dear god... are you sure it was after? i thought roimh meant before?!

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      Ó Caomháinigh

      it said "an gcineail saol a bhí roimh máire ón oíche sin at aghaidh" so from that night onwards.

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      Ó Caomháinigh

      I wouldn't worry about it too much as long as you talked about her life and stuff you should be grand

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      Sarah Herlihy

      I wrote about how everyone marginalised her cause she was pregnant is that right?

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      i just wrote about her character and how shes changed over the play.

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      "Déan plé ar an gcineál saoil a bhí roimh Mháire ón oíche sin ar aghaidh agus ar an gcaoi a ndeachaighsí i ngleic leis an saol sin sa dráma An Triail" I took that to mean discuss the sort of life that was before Máíre from that night onand how she went against this life in An Triail

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      Ó Caomháinigh

      Yeah that's what I wrote about as well

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      I like used the characters and said what they did on her life like her mother did not help her when she came home crying her brother told the lie and the way mali helped her

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