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An Trial- Teciníochtaí drama
Castlebar1997 Leaving Cert Irish — 12/06/16 37

anyone have any notes on the teciníochtaí drama? do you think that's likely to come up?

Eilish1234 — 29/05/16
I do what's your email? My teacher said it would come up last year and it didn't so hopefully it will this year
Rachel_8010 — 29/05/16
Can I have a copy of the essay too please. obrienrachel98@gmail.com
donegal — 29/05/16
Is there any chance you could send this essay onto me aswell? aislingpower11@hotmail.com
Castlebar1997 — 29/05/16
Thanks so much!! It's jbaasc@gmail.com hopefully I think it would be a nice question
Joannehassett — 30/05/16
If you could send it to me too that would be a great help!! Thanks you�� My email is iseultok@gmail.com
eimearclix — 30/05/16
I would really appreciate if you sent it to me ! eimearogradyxx@gmail.com
siobhan.reynolds.16 — 31/05/16
Can someone please please please send me these notes too? Big help! @siobhanballinasloe@hotmail.com
Tree-na_3015 — 31/05/16
I would really appreciate if you sent it to me ! trionaconroy@hotmail.com
chloede — 01/06/16
Could you please send me those notes aswell it would be so helpful :) chloedreaper@yahoo.com
br_orourke — 01/06/16
Could you send me on those notes aswell please �� @bronaghorourkecvsty@gmail.com
carmel black — 02/06/16
Can someone please send me these notes as well please? Thanks :) E-mail : emermclaughlin1@gmail.com
Niamhee98 — 02/06/16
any chance anyone could send it to me too- coneill19981@gmail.com
Niamhee98 — 02/06/16
any chance of anyone sending them to me ,thanks - coneill19981@gmail.com
Maeveeee — 02/06/16
can someone pleaseee send me these notes. It'd be such a great help .. mcarmody15@gmail.com
Grainne harte — 02/06/16
can someone please send it on too ! :) @grainnehartex@gmail.com
Chloe Horgan — 02/06/16
could you send them to me also please,thank you! @horganc23@gmail.com
jxcoyle — 02/06/16
can anyone please send them to me also aoifegibbs@gmail.com it would be very much appreciated :)
Kayleigh_3815 — 02/06/16
Could someone please email me these notes also as my teacher didn't prepare it and I'd love to have this done as it seems likely to come up thanks! Email :grantkayleigh@gmail.com
keshiakxx1997 — 02/06/16
Hey any chance you could send me that aswell thanks email is lakeshiad5@gmail.com :)
Sinéad_8836 — 02/06/16
Could someone send these notes to me too please I'd really appreciate it ���� s.Tobin93@outlook.com
rachelc — 03/06/16
Could you send them to me too please? :) rachelcoen2@gmail.com
Kearamcdonagh — 03/06/16
could you please send them to me as well? :) kearamcdonagh@gmail.com
Isabel2011 — 06/06/16
Could someone send them to me as well please? :) isa.2011@ymail.com
dddddd — 06/06/16
could you send them as well please padraigscully1997@gmail.com thanks
nneeButler — 09/06/16
Could someone throw them onto me if they get a chance? nellybutts@gmail.com thanks :)
aoibhinbryant — 09/06/16
would somebody be able to e-mail them to me please? our teacher did nothing on it! aoibhinbryant@gmail.com
Michaela_6674 — 10/06/16
Could someone send it to me too please?? kaylalynchgrant@yahoo.ie
LucyFitz — 11/06/16
Could someone send it to me too please? lfitzgerald2016@bgsmail.ie Thanks xx
nneeButler — 11/06/16
https://www.studyclix.ie/Content/Uploads/05407919-d841-4fbc-ad34-72f0c3cc747f.pdf Scroll down for the techniques used
Matthews23897 — 11/06/16
Does anyone know what else is likely to come up,if techniques doesn't? I was thinking minor characters but am not sure?
Amy_1999 — 11/06/16
Me too please! amysarahgallagher@gmail.com
paulfarren — 11/06/16
Tbh i cant see this coming up .. it came up in the old course and the old course was way harder Also, you had a choice between two questions in the old course so that meant you werent limited to just the teicnici dramata when it came up. We only have one question for an triail, so it has to be accessible by the majority of the country.
chlo-ayy — 11/06/16
Can someone please send me these notes thanks cm_auguste@yahoo.ie
Anna_1621 — 12/06/16
Can someone please send me copy of the technques toooo xxxx Thank you ���� annamc10@yahoo.ie
AHMEDKHAN55 — 12/06/16
what section is this trial thing for. ive never heard of it
nneeButler — 12/06/16
I agree with you Paul, I would imagine that it will be a themed based question. - Ireland In the 60s. - Hypocrites/ Rule breaking.
Maeve_5810 — 12/06/16
Could you send the notes to me too please maseyoshea@gmail.com
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