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Besides An Triail Teicniochtai
HopperHead Leaving Cert Irish — 11/06/16 4

Does any else have any other ideas about what could come up for the An Triail question besides the Teicniochtaí?

paulfarren — 11/06/16
Just know these characters and you should be okay: Maire Mathair Padraig Sean agus Liam Bean Ui Chinsealaigh Aine Ni Bhreasail Maili Colm
paulfarren — 11/06/16
If they ask you a theme question like: Cén ról a ghlacann fimíneacht sa dráma?
paulfarren — 11/06/16
Just plan which characters you are going to use (maybe mathair sean and padraig) And write their hypocrisy
HopperHead — 11/06/16
Grand, Thank you very much
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