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    Bru na Pairce Stephanie K

    Hey did anyone go to bru na pairce in Killarney before or is there anyone going this year. What's your opinion on it? Or are ye going to different Irish colleges??

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      its HELL

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      Stephanie K

      Omg really, I'm going this summer, but is it worth it? Did ye get good notes and stuff

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      Its a good course but it's really intense e.g study from 6-9. They have tests ( write an essay + you have to learn things off for the following morning). They gave good notes and sample essays

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      Stephanie K

      Omg is there like tests every day, I'm like a slow learner when it comes to learning off Irish, but it is my favourite subject!! Do they give good help with the pros and poetry?? And also the grammar?? And oral work?? Thanks very much!!

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      the teacher will call your name and you have to be able to convert an english sentence into irish ( you'll have the sentences for hw to study). they do grammer,Oral,pros&filiocht,comprehensions and essays. Hope this helps

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      Stephanie K

      Thanks very much. Did u find that it was worth it at the end of it all?? Have your grades increased since you have gone? Also with the tests, do they give written tests l and if yes how often?? How many people are roughly on the course?? How are the classes divided up?? Finally roughly how much work do they give every night and when Friday comes do they give a lot of work for the weekend? Thanks very much, sorry for all the questions!!

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      Even though it was hard, I thought it was worth the money in comparison to the maths course.My grade has gone up, they split the classes into who will get A's,B's etc. They have written tests during the study( write a debate..) but during classes they'll test you by speech and Máire(The person who owns the course) also checks. I went during July so there was only two classes but usually 3. everynight they give loads of stuff to learn off, comprehensions etc. You get hw for the weekend :/ not too much

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      Stephanie K

      Hey can I ask you are the oral notes very good, including the sraith pictures? Also do you study An Triall during the two weeks?? Finally the poetry and pros notes are they A1stqndard and do they give a lot of notes and stuff? Finally, for the essays do they give you essays already wrote just to learn them off?? Thanks very much!!

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      @stephanieK just wondering how you found the course and where the notes good?

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      Stephanie K

      Hey found the course extremely good for written work, grammar, everything except oral!

      Notes were really good for everything except oral!

      Really really intense-wouldn't recommend it if you got lower that a B in JC- everyone that got C in JC struggled!

      You really have to be mentally prepared for it-long days. I was up ant 6 every morning and didn't get to bed past 12! I wore myself out, ended up sick near the end of the course from complete exhaustion

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      is bó í maire

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