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    Colaiste Acla notes sophie544

    Does anyone have notes from colaiste acla??

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      I do! Higher level LC Irish notes?

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      Yes!! Would you be able to email me them or send me pictures of them? Would be so grateful!!!!

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      I have really good religion notes if you would like them in return? If u do exam religion:)

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      Yes I can! The religion notes would be amazing - in sixth year and we have pretty much the entire course to cover? I'll take pictures of the book now! Email me and I'll send them on to you and you can send me the religion notes after :)

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      I'll email you now☺️

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      Just emailed you there:)

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      hi just wondering if you wouldnt mind emailing those irish notes to me too? im struggling at the moment and cant keep up in class so trying my best to get as many notes as possile! if not its ok and I have brilliant biology notes if you wanted to swap?

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      Hey ! Yeah sure, just shoot me an email and we can trade :)

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