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Colscaradh translation
kelseytdcc17 Leaving Cert Irish — 17/12/17 8

Does any have the translation to colscaradh? I lost mine

niamh-20 — 11/06/16
Separation , divorce
kelseytdcc17 — 11/06/16
Do you have one for the whole poem?
niamh-20 — 11/06/16
Not right now could email you it tomorrow
JennoMC — 11/06/16
literally my life story Married to a bitch Divorced a bitch
Aileendoherty21 — 25/11/17
colscaradh poem translated??
Rachel1 — 25/11/17
Shantaigh sé bean - he desired a woman I nead a chine - in their own nest/ home/ place Faoiseamh is gean - relief and love Ar leac a thine- around the fire aiteas is greann - happiness and fun I dtógáil chlainne - raising a family. Shantaigh sí fear - she desired a man Is taobh den bhríste - half the pants/ (equality) Dídean is searc- shelter, nice house and a loving husband Is leath den chíste - half the cake. ( this could mean that she wants the best of everything.) Saoirse thar Lear - holidays abroad Is meas na mílte - respect of thousands Thángthas ar réiteach - a solution was reached Scaradar - they separated. Hope this helps :-)
Rachel1 — 25/11/17
Saoire not Saoirse , sorry
nicole.dowd — 17/12/17
anyone know what years this came up in the ordinary exams
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