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Comprehension Genre Question
Castlebar1997 Leaving Cert Irish — 06/06/16 3

if anyone has any notes or tips on answering the last question on the comprehension, the genre question would you please email me!! I'll willing to try help anyone else if you can help me! thanks

FukDaJC — 06/06/16
No not bothered
Varsha — 06/06/16
Basically say anything is a tuairisc or insint. Tuiarisc-report-traits-cursaí reatha, reamhrá, achoimre, aimsir láithreach, friotal neamphearsanta, pointe faoi leith i ngach alt. Insint-telling- tuairim pearsanta,aimsir chaith, saghas dialann, Mention two traits and back it up with reference to text. Kept it short simple irish. Use personal pronouns.. i mo thuairim etc
98niamh — 06/06/16
I'd say the same, its usually a tuairisc or insint, this is a few bits you can put into it. Is píosa ______ é an píosa seo. Tugann an píosa seo eolas dúinn faoi____ Tá sé scriofa san Aimsir (usually present for tuairisc or insint). Tá sé scriofa sa chead phearsa uatha (mé)/iolra (sinn) nó an triú pearsa uatha (sé/sí) iolra (said) den chuid is mó. I mo thuairm tá stíl pearsanta/neamhphearsanta ag baint leis an alt seo.
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