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aimer Leaving Cert Irish — 05/06/16 3

if anyone has the essay titles that were on the deb higher level pre paper could you please post them,!!?? i can post the examcraft topics in exchange. it would be good to know for all of us the topics on both pre papers as that might give us some guidelines!!

Seanoh — 05/06/16
Essay titles were: Tá saol iontach ag daoine óga na laethanta seo Ailleacht agus uafas an nadur Sport-Gnó nó paisean Eireannachas would appreciate if youd send on the examcraft ones !
aimer — 05/06/16
thank you so much Seanoh!! Sochaì na hEireann sa la ata inniu ann Deagoiri TAbhacht na n-ealaion Neamhionannas - fadhb mhor na linne seo Bliain cheiliurtha 2016- an fiu dada i?
Seanoh — 05/06/16
no problem and thanks !
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