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    DEB Mocks Paper: Question on An Gnathrud/ An Triail / Mo Ghra-sa please nneeButler

    Hi all,

    Can anyone who did the DEB paper help me out with the what the questions were for An Gnathrud / An Triail (what minor characters) and Mo Ghra-sa please? Much appreciated!

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      I have the Exam Craft papers if anyone wants to swap?

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      HL?? Lost the exam papers but the an gnáthrud question focused on the ending and about the fright or suprise we got, Mo ghra sa q was 3 parts, (i) would you agree with the statement that mo ghra sa is a 'gnáthdán'? (ii) What in your opinion is the strongest image? (iii) give information about the poet, didnt do an Triail. Sorry don't have paper, hopefully this helps though :)

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      Hi Ella, yeah HL.. Thanks a mill X

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