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Does anyone have a couple of essay's on sceimhlitheoireacht
Brenda.clo Leaving Cert Irish — 12/06/16 13

I would really appreciate any essay on sceimhlitheoireacht and fadhb na dteifeach!

dddddd — 05/06/16
I have one but am looking for spórt and gnáthrud, any chance you have them, and whats the email?
Brenda.clo — 06/06/16
Rossi — 06/06/16
Hey Brenda would you be able to send me that essay :) my email is rossi2408@yahoo.co.uk
Kearamcdonagh — 06/06/16
Me too please kearamcdonagh@gmail.com
Ann_9343 — 06/06/16
I would really appreciate if any one could send me a sample essay on sceimhlitheoireacht, really struggling with that one.Email is amcolgan11@gmail.com Thanks so much
Joey16 — 08/06/16
Would really appreciate anything on Sport and Sceimhlitheoireacht if anyone has them. jr889098@gmail.com Thanks a million
hollie.oreilly1 — 09/06/16
would really appreciate if someone could send me one on sceimhlitheoireacht if they could ! hollielawlessoreilly@gmail.com
joanne.burke.965 — 10/06/16
I have all the above essays. Email me and I can email pics of them onto you :) joanneburke007@gmail.com
DB1234 — 10/06/16
someone please email me essays. Thanks , dearbhailebeirne@gmail.com
BA30 — 10/06/16
Any predictions for paper 2?
Anna_1621 — 12/06/16
Could someone send me a sceimhleireocht essay if u can ? Thank you xx annamc10@yahoo.ie
shannon8 — 12/06/16
Hey could someone email me the sceimhlitheoireacht essay? shannondoyle365@yahoo.ie
Lc8/6/16 — 12/06/16
Do you think sceimhlitheoireacht is likely?:)
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