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Essay and Paper 2 Predictions
Rachel_8010 Leaving Cert Irish — 04/06/16 11

I think for an essay Tírghrá, Daoine Óga, 1916, Irish Language, Sport and Terrorism and Refugees are the most likely to come up. For Paper 2 poems I believe that Geibheann or An Spailpin Fanach are likely. Stories I think will be An Gnathrud or Oisin I dTir na nÓg are likely. For An Triail I have no idea. People are saying Techniques but I'm not sure. What are ye're thoughts?

AoifexxQqqqqqqqqqp — 02/06/16
Are you ordinary
Rachel_8010 — 03/06/16
No higher sorry
Rachel_8010 — 03/06/16
I forgot to mention that
serena1411 — 03/06/16
I heard Mo ghra sa is likely for the poems aswell
Sinéad_8836 — 03/06/16
I'm hoping for geibheann and gnath rud but the chances of them both coming up together are very slim! �� no idea which direction to take with an trial!
kellyann1997 — 03/06/16
I think that a question on society or Maire herself is likely to come up for An Triail! I think Gnáthrud is likely for the story or Hurlamaboc either?
Rachel_8010 — 03/06/16
Thanks guys
supers — 04/06/16
Yeah i was told either geibheann or ghnathrud but both of them coming up is very slim so just go with the flow and try your best
Shauna_3688 — 04/06/16
An Gnathrud and Geibheann are predicted but i doubt both will come up together! I think Mo-ghra sa , Oisin i dTir na nOg or An Spailpin Fanach are going to come if they dont! Refugees or terrorism or 1916 are predicted aswell for the essays! Cant be 100% sure with predictions though cause they put the same poem on 2 years in a row for ordinary level, ( i do higher level) i just wouldnt rule out the others completely!
Lukesmiiithy — 04/06/16
An essay on teenagers is definitely coming up. One of gnáthrud or géibheann will come up, not both. According to the chief examiner!
aimeegoodwin — 04/06/16
are you certain teenagers cause im only learning daoine oga cause im not counting irish
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