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Essay help please!!!
serena1411 Leaving Cert Irish — 28/05/16 12

Can anyone give me a list of essay predictions please? I've the health system, sport, 1916 and crime learnt... Is there any other ones I should cover please id appreciate it

caoimhheew — 23/05/16
daoine oga
serena1411 — 23/05/16
okay, thank you :)
Caoimhìn_9794 — 24/05/16
serena1411 — 24/05/16
thanks :)
Caoimhìn_9794 — 24/05/16
Whats the best way to try to learn essays?
aislinggalway — 24/05/16
I try learn para by para writing them out from memory then eventually work my way up to writing out the whole thing, or ideas of each!
Caoimhìn_9794 — 24/05/16
What does ur teacher hint at in terms of what might come up? Ive covered 1916-2016, terrorism and refugees crisis, Irishness, and Problems. Cant be anything outside of these id imagine.
RachelEnglish — 24/05/16
learning essays- put it into a song or highlight buzzwords and write around them (only do this if your confident in your grammar) or Learn bit by bit look at yourself in the mirror and pretend you are talking to an audience bit by bit tell them without looking!
aislinggalway — 25/05/16
Yeah we have covered the same as you but we did Mean Cumarsaide and Timpeallacht too, but one of the ones you mentioned has to come up
serena1411 — 27/05/16
I learn them by saying them out loud and writing them down at the same time sentence by sentence and by knowing it all in English first helps
Caoimhìn_9794 — 27/05/16
Is it possible to write essay in English on scrap paper and rewrite in Irish?
serena1411 — 28/05/16
in an exam? I wouldn't do it it would take a load of time..I write English key words on scrap paper tho so I wont forget hah
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