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essay predictions for HL 2016
aimer Leaving Cert Irish — 11/06/16 71

i have predictions i can send people. i got them from a lady who writes irish books:) but i need someone to tell me if most people are learning off essays or just learning off phrases!? Help me and i'll help you:D help each other

aimer — 05/06/16
i can email people
Gavin_6577 — 05/06/16
Could you email them to me please �� 10gmoloney@cco.ie
Ellie Worcester — 05/06/16
would you mind emailing me too ? rockn.ellieanna@gmail.com . Im learning key paragraphs and phrases.
grainne1998 — 05/06/16
grainne5678@gmail.com Im definitley learning off essays!
ellenryan — 05/06/16
ellen_r_@hotmail.com learning off essays
claraahern — 05/06/16
learning off essays
Brenda.clo — 05/06/16
Make bullet points of the main points :) Brendacloherty@gmail.com
ldsoup — 05/06/16
Could you please email to me if you get the chance camogie@live.co.uk
Clairek25 — 05/06/16
Could you email them to me? Clairekavanagh25@gmail.com I'm learning off essays definitely!
Jamie004 — 05/06/16
I'm learning essays that we were given in class! :) jhayden456@gmail.com
Gm33321 — 05/06/16
Could you email me them please? Learning off generic paragraphs to help use as fillers and try make up content to match the topic on the day! Gavinm22@gmail.com Cheers!
aimer — 05/06/16
sent to all of ye:)
Seanoh — 05/06/16
seanoharedls@gmail.com please :) plus i can send on an essay or two if you want
aimer — 05/06/16
Yes seanoh could you please do that! Thanks! aimcro12@gmail.com is my email
annabanana2k16 — 05/06/16
im learning all. please send annamcmahon24199810@gmail.com
Ciärän_7590 — 05/06/16
Could you please please email them to me too? @Nohlen14@gmail.com
Ann_9343 — 05/06/16
Im learning off essays..Could you please send to amcolgan11@gmail.com please
TinaX — 05/06/16
im making bullet points on the sample essays we got in class, could ou see them to me too please @ martinafolan11@gmail.com
nathanr — 05/06/16
Send them to me please nruddy@ourladysbelmullet.ie
colleenwf — 05/06/16
I'm learning of essays and a few seanfhocail :-) could you send them onto me pls Colleenwhelanf@hotmail.cm
Jane_8452 — 05/06/16
Learning off essays! Please email them on, janedennehy77@gmail.com
James_5559 — 05/06/16
jamesadamson1@eircom.net please :)
peterodonnell777 — 05/06/16
peterodonnell777@gmail.com please
Kearamcdonagh — 05/06/16
kearamcdonagh@gmail.com please
Shannonoflynn1 — 05/06/16
I'm learning off main paragraphs �� shannonoflynn1@gmail.com
Sinéad_8836 — 06/06/16
Learning full essays! s.tobin93@outlook.com
Úna_8280 — 06/06/16
please! @dunleer4me@gmail.com
Castlebar1997 — 06/06/16
I'm learning some key vocab and phrases! would you send them to me if you get a chance please! jbaasc@gmail.com
tmoloney — 06/06/16
I'm learning the main points and making sure i know them. kinda like the two main points per paragraph type of thing. would you mind sending them to me? it would help a lot thanks so much. i also have some essays if you want me to send you some and all that. moloneytara1997@gmail.com
Eoincashman — 06/06/16
just vocab eljcashman@gmail.com
michaelawright — 06/06/16
Just vocab michaelawright97@hotmail.com
Saoirse1916 — 06/06/16
Learn 2 main characters and write bulletpoints. I'm not learning an essay off by heart. Please email me @folansaoirse@gmail.com.
khristiana — 06/06/16
khristiana_figueroa@yahoo.com please!
khristiana — 06/06/16
learning off essays. khristiana_figueroa@yahoo.com
BA30 — 06/06/16
definitely learning off essays. could you please email me eaustin991@gmail.com
aimer — 06/06/16
So sorry guys but I'm not emailing anymore
aimer — 06/06/16
I didn't realise this many people would want it, its taking too long, good luck to all of ye though
studyclix — 06/06/16
You can attach any file to a discussion thread. Just make sure it is your own work.
Keavaod345 — 06/06/16
Can you email to me too please keavaod98@hotmail.com and I'm learning my essays off :)
Castlebar1997 — 06/06/16
Can just post them here?
aimer — 06/06/16
jennifermchugh — 07/06/16
if the 1916 essay comes up are they talking about how ireland has changed since then or what????
aimer — 07/06/16
How the rising has affected our lives today and what would be different if it didn't happen
EffaHund — 07/06/16
amariehand97@gmail.com I'm learning the more topical essays and then having 1 general essay that I can twist to suit me on the day but I'm only learning 3
aimer — 07/06/16
I've already posted the link on this chat everybody:) look above
aimer — 07/06/16
Also, EffaHund , what type of general essay are you learning?
islander15 — 07/06/16
Is this link working for others? Mine won't work, it says file may not be available anymore.........
islander15 — 07/06/16
Nevermind, We cool!
ryanobeast — 07/06/16
Could you please send to me careyryan98x@gmail.com Thank you <3
ryanobeast — 07/06/16
Ah sure be grand ^
ldeane98 — 07/06/16
Could you send them to me please? labhaoisedeane98@gmail.com I'm learning off essays and key phrases.
SavannahG — 07/06/16
Could you please send them to me? savannahgorman1997@gmail.com
AKeating — 07/06/16
email them to me too please geneviecem@gmail.com
aimer — 07/06/16
I'VE LINKED IT ABOVE ��������������
Ciara Conlan — 08/06/16
Can you email them to me please because the link won't work for me thanks ciaraconlan9@gmail.com
Joey16 — 08/06/16
All in order of most likely to come up: 1916 Rising Sport Coiriulacht Alcol Easpa Didine Sceimhlithoireaht
Ciara1988 — 09/06/16
Is there any chance you could email me too? Thanks! barker.ciara@gmail.com Im planning on learning off!!
Gillian Hoey — 09/06/16
Me too please :) 10gillianhoey@stloiisdundalk.ie
Gillian Hoey — 09/06/16
Sorry I meant 10gillianhoey@stlouisdundalk.ie
Megan Duffy — 09/06/16
Could you send me it too please the link won't work for me sorry:( , be a great help , I have around 40 phrases I know well that I'll jot down before I start , I've a fair idea on an environment essay , but this weekend I need to go over refugees and sport , megan.duffy98@gmail.com
Megan Duffy — 09/06/16
Could you please send me it too please the link you gave won't work for me sorry!:( I've a bank of 40 phrases that I'll jot down before I start , I know environment essay , I need to look over refugees and sport this weekend ! Megan.duffy98@gmail.com
Megan Duffy — 09/06/16
Phone so slow didn't mean this twice haha
aimer — 09/06/16
Everyone:look abovE! !!
Castlebar1997 — 10/06/16
Oh dear god I hope you all read the questions better that this post
tariq — 10/06/16
link wont work aimer
aimer — 10/06/16
1916 Rising Sport Seandaoine Alcol Easpa Didine Sceimhlithoireaht
DB1234 — 10/06/16
PleasE send me on sample essays: dearbhailebeirne@gmail.com
Sarah_9914 — 11/06/16
Would you mind sending them on to me please? I'm just learning paragraphs of problems and then twisting the title to fit in the problems sarahokelly1998@gmail.com
temiade — 11/06/16
Would you email it to me too: temi-ade@hotmail.com
aoifemcgrath96 — 11/06/16
saoirsemcgrath998@gmail.com please send them!
aimer — 11/06/16
1916 Rising Sport Seandaoine Alcol Easpa Didine Sceimhlithoireaht
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