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Essay Topics-higher level
Rachel_8010 Leaving Cert Irish — 11/06/16 27

Hi I've done a few essays I'm not certain if it will cover me though. I've done Tírghrá, Daoine Óga, Daoine gan Dídine, Ghaeilge and Polaitíocht, Síochain agus Sceimhlitheoirí. I've got the basic information on the 1916 but is that enough. I also plan on doing sport

siobhan.reynolds.16 — 01/06/16
Coras Sláinte?
Rachel_8010 — 01/06/16
Oh yes thank you
Caoimhìn_9794 — 02/06/16
Howya, would it be possible to send me something with regard to 1916/cultur/irishness please?
Rachel_8010 — 02/06/16
Yep what's your email
grainne1998 — 02/06/16
grainne5678@gmail.com please
aimeee98 — 02/06/16
hi can you please send me notes on the 1916,culture and irishness please as my teacher never covered it :( much appreciated aimeelcvp@gmail.com
Caoimhìn_9794 — 02/06/16
kevmolloy1@hotmail.com Thanks very much really appreciate it
Clairek25 — 02/06/16
Could you send me the 196/irishness essay pls?? Clairekavanagh25@gmail.com
MichelleMcCabe — 02/06/16
1916 essay please emermccabecvs@gmail,com
keshiakxx1997 — 02/06/16
Could you send me it too thanks :) lakeshiad5@gmail.com
dan.coyne.94 — 02/06/16
Caca milis is garunteed, my dads the chief examiner and he told me
laurmcd — 02/06/16
Hi could you send me the 1916 notes too? laurenmcdonnell7@gmail.com
dan.coyne.94 — 02/06/16
Did you not hear me ? CACA MILIS
AoifexxQqqqqqqqqqp — 02/06/16
How we know your telling the truth aye
louisoc — 03/06/16
Hey guys, Dan coyne is legit, I know him. He also told me that there isn't going to be a question on an triail, good luck :)
Rachel_8010 — 03/06/16
Am An Triail is a guaranteed question in Paper 2 X")
louisoc — 03/06/16
Not as guaranteed as caca milis coming up, you've been warned thrice now
louisoc — 03/06/16
Not as guaranteed as caca milis coming up, you've been warned thrice now
Katiebolger — 03/06/16
Hi Rachel, Would you mind sending something on to me for 1916/culture/irishness please and maybe Ghaeilge and Polaitíocht? I am helping my brother through the exams, our mum just passed away a month ago and I'm overwhelmed by the amount we have yet to prepare for the higher paper since we've been so distracted. I'd really appreciate it. openeyeresearch@eircom.net
Isabel2011 — 06/06/16
Could you send me sceimhlitheoiri please? Thank you so much! isa.2011@ymail.com
Ann_9343 — 06/06/16
Id really appreciate if someone could send me something on 1916 too please my emails amcolgan11@gmail.com
Joey16 — 08/06/16
Hi Rachel, Would you mind sending me essays on Sceimhlithoireacht and 1916 Rising please? Really in a bad way for essays. jr889098@gmail.com Thanks a million
Matty26896 — 10/06/16
Hi Rachel Is there any chance you could send me something on 1916. Would be much appreciated. Matty26896@gmail.com
Ciara1988 — 10/06/16
Has anyone got an essay on the refugee crisis by any chance? I could swap them something else for it! Please! My email is barker.ciara@gmail.com
DB1234 — 10/06/16
Please send me on essays on sceimhlitheori and 1916 rising? Thanks dearbhailebeirne@gmail.com
Lc8/6/16 — 11/06/16
How much essays are people learning? I was thinking of only doing about 2 or 3 - sport, sceimhliteoireacht/coiriulacht and daoine oga
Conor_Grealy — 11/06/16
Hey if its not too much trouble send me on any essays you think are important, Thanks!! grealyc15@gmail.com
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