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Health System Essay
HontheLC Leaving Cert Irish — 23/10/17 25

Does anyone have a sample essay on the Health System? Will exchange for others :)

aimer — 11/06/16
I have one if you give me your email I can send it to you, I don't need any in return:)
HontheLC — 11/06/16
Thanks so much!! It's jdavis8973@gmail.com
Katynolan97 — 11/06/16
Can you email it to me too? katienolan97@gmail.com
colleenwf — 11/06/16
Could u send that to me please if you can ! Colleenwhelanf@hotmail.com
Sinead99xo — 18/09/16
Could you send it to me please? sineadleahy28@gmail.com
sophie544 — 18/09/16
Could you please send me it too, sophier124@icloud.com
Aisling1998 — 18/09/16
Could someone send it to me please? I can send some others in return!! aislingcullen@ardscoilnamara.ie
Stephanie K — 18/09/16
I know u have prob emailed it to loads already but would u mind sending it to me too plz. Stephaniekearney171@gmail.com thanks so so juch
Dollar — 10/06/17
could you send essay to me also deirdrefitzpatrick07@gmail.com
Sarahvaughan — 10/06/17
coulc someone please send me the essay??:) sarahvaughan007@live.ie
The epiphany — 10/06/17
Would really appreciate the essay emmakdillon@gmail.com
Chantel uba — 10/06/17
can u email it to me to chanuba28@yahoo.ie
kateparkstone — 11/06/17
If you can could you email it to me too please :) caylincarolan@yahoo.ie
Sineadharte13 — 11/06/17
Could you please email it to me too sineadharte13@gmail.com
purple24 — 11/06/17
Could you e-mail it toe too. emilyjohnson289@gmail.com
emma.mcmahon — 11/06/17
Could you send me the essay please as well? @joy4regan@gmail.com thanks so much !
Lauren_9030 — 12/10/17
Can someone please send this to me @ orlaithb80@gmail.com . Badly need it!
Kim Kardashian West — 12/10/17
can someone send me it too please! im so bad at irish & i need a C �� kylizzleeee22@gmail.com
Shauna1250 — 12/10/17
please can someone send the essay to me too? it would be very much appreciated, shauna1250@icloud.com
niamh1999 — 13/10/17
I know I'm a bit late but could you please send it to me too? Niamhmur123@gmail.com
clodaghrogers — 23/10/17
Could you send it to me to please ? clodaghrogers7@gmail.com
Lauraruane — 23/10/17
could anyone who has it please email it to me too? :)
Lauraruane — 23/10/17
email - daniel.knoop123@gmail.com
Kim Kardashian West — 23/10/17
i never got the essay lol
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