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Gossipgirl Leaving Cert Irish — 13/06/16 5

Guys if I write an A1 essay that has nothing to do with the topic how many marks could I get? If my gaeilge is perfect but the abhár is wrong can I still get 80/100

Bill_4757 — 12/06/16
racheld3 — 12/06/16
definitely not, i think they give 0/100 if the topic is off !
265/625 — 12/06/16
Think 40/100 is highest
Sineadw06 — 13/06/16
If your subject is wrong y
Sineadw06 — 13/06/16
Your grammar doesn't get counted. Try your best to link it, even if it's completely stupid reasons, link it in your intro and conclusion.
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