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    Help PLEASE! Did I do wrong debate td156

    So I thought the debate was young people but it was on daoine aosta. I wrote how life for them was easier back then it was now, talked about influence of media and bullying on Facebook Twitter money problems etc

    . I always said daoine aosta through out the answer but would I lose much marks for this? As I though it was daoine oga debate ?

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      Daoine aosta means elderly people. You will lose marks, even though you referred to them as daoine aosta the examiner will see that you didn't understand the question correctly.

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      Will I loose much do you know?

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      You will lose a certain amount of marks yes however you should be lucky enough to gain your marks for your standard of Irish and grammar as it is 20% content;80% Irish and grammar !

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      STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!!! Focus on doing well tomorrow, do NOT waste time and valuable energy on thinking about a paper that has been handed up

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