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    higher level essays _ help needed Amber Maryanne

    if anyone has essays on terrorism, violence, the education in ireland, or any topical essays could you please send them on to

    fairly stuck for them!

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      please send any essay to me too

      my teacher hasn't covered them at all


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      thanks to anyone that does btw

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      Could you send them to me too please. any "A" standard essays please and thank you.

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      Could u email them to me too at

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      Could u email them to me too at thanks

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      and me thanks

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      The only way to improve is to practice. Get a good revision book, one of the oral books and between them plan and write the essays, once you have them written then give them to your teacher to correct. The alternative is to get a grinds teacher that will focus on the essay with you. If you only learn off by heart there is a huge danger that you will end up unable to complete an essay on the day as the topic you learned didn't come up and you have no ability to write yourself

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