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HL Essay titles predictions
Laurag99 Leaving Cert Irish — 13/06/16 17

Anyone have any ideas on what titles could come up In the HL essays?

aimer — 11/06/16
916 Rising Sport Seandaoine Alcol Easpa Didine Sceimhlithoireaht
michellepp — 11/06/16
an timpeallacht as it hasn't come up in three years :)
aspiringteaher — 11/06/16
Éirí Amach na Casca 1916 Spórt Sceimhlitheoireachta Na Teifigh Daoine Óga
plzhelpme — 11/06/16
Yeah is there a likelihood of An Timpeallacht like cause thats a sexy title tbf
Lc8/6/16 — 11/06/16
Do people think terrorism and crime is likely so ya? Through in a few phrases about the Euros yanno yourself
Rachel_8010 — 12/06/16
I don't think sport will come up. If you look at exam papers it always comes up the year after the Olympics. Like sport essays came up in 2009 and 2013
Clarac16 — 12/06/16
Do you think I'll be ok with learning 1916, terrorism , seandaoine and daoine oga? :)
dazb — 12/06/16
Migrants, 1916 (something about was it worth it maybe) terrorism, daoine óga/ seandaoine, sport, can't see crime on it as all the gang crimes in Dublin took place after the paper would've been set, most of these should be on it id say!
Lc8/6/16 — 12/06/16
You could fit in crime with terrorism though like
Lilyfinlay — 12/06/16
Is anyone perdicting Daoine gan didean?
lilmzo — 12/06/16
Alcohol and Drugs came up last year? Does anyone think there would be something on change in society?
Rebeccaxox — 12/06/16
How about the health system??
dazb — 12/06/16
The education system came up last year so I'm not sure if the health system will!
Elaine_3053 — 12/06/16
does anybody think technology will come up?
Sineadw06 — 13/06/16
Terrorism is a risky topic, especially with euros on. When the paper was wrote the Paris bombing was only after happening so I think it would have been inappropriate. But in saying that, the paper has been very risky in the past.
Elaine_3053 — 13/06/16
if its anything like the english they avoided putting the obvious on it.
Lc8/6/16 — 13/06/16
Good choice was up there
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