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HL -Gnathrud and Geibheann
Lc8/6/16 Leaving Cert Irish — 11/06/16 4

Is it likely for them to give us both the pro and poem that has never come up or do ye think they will just give us one of them? So much to learn so little time ��

EmmaOConnor — 10/06/16
I have a feeling if geibheann doesn't come up for HL it will be either an t-earrach thiar or an spailpín fánach
benleonard98 — 11/06/16
I'd say the poem is between geibheann and mo gra sa
Lc8/6/16 — 11/06/16
Ok and essay opinions?
aspiringteaher — 11/06/16
I'd say they'll put An Gnáthrud and An t-Earrach Thiar.
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