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    HL irish predictions for paper 2? emerv

    any one have ideas on the poems and stories?

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      Poem I am guessing Geibheann and pros An Gnathrud cuz it was on both mock papers and they are both very due up!

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      i am guessing there will b e a big plot twist geibheann wont be up atal....

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      Gnathrud but probably not Geibheann. Spailpin Fanach is more likely.

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      My Irish teacher is a nun who's been teaching for 50+ years.. She thinks Mo Ghra-Sa and An Gnathrud.

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      likely gnathrud or hulamaboc and an tearach thiar


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      Either An Gnathrud or Géibheann will come up, not both.. An Gnathrud is more likely!

      For poetry I think Mo-Ghra Sa or Spailpin are most likely!

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