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    hl paper aiste 1916 Katiexx

    for the essay i wrote that we shouldnt celebrate 1916 because of all the problems in ireland like poverty old people young people and talked about how we are still under control of england have i done it right????

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      Hopefully ya. Question wasn't should we commentate, it was just comaradh 1916. Didn't give you a avenue to go down.

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      What did the speech mean?

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      I talked about how Ireland has changed since 1916 and would the leaders be proud or not.. Is that ok??

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      Did you speak about how we celebrated or why we celebrated?

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      Well I mentioned it was the 100 year anniversary this year ? But didn't go into detail on how we celebrated it... Oh god starting to panic now 😰

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      As long as you mentioned why there should be a problem. You knew your topic so don't worry. It's all down to grammar from then on. Best of luck tomorrow

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      Phew! Thank you so much for your help :)

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      How did people find the listening? HL

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      oh my god what does comoradh mean. listening was quite hard compared to normal!!

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      i thought it meant celebrate so i said we shouldnt celebrate it and talked about why and because of all the problems in ireland am i wrong?

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      it means anniversary as far as I know!

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      Sarah Herlihy

      Comoradh is commemorate

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      Was it international problems or problem? Like singular or plural

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      It meant commemorate the Easter rising in 1916

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      so am i completely wrong with what i wrote:(

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      I did mine on the heritage of ireland-our language sport and music and gave a paragraph on how the 1916 came with the British in this OK??? Does it go with the title??

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      No Katiexx you just spoke how you didn't think it was right to celebrate 1916 because we have other problems. That is not wrong. Also do NOT lose faith in yourself.. Just focus on doing as best as you can tomorrow, that's all you can have an impact on now, your mark that you get tomorrow.. X

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      Thanks emer appreciate your reply:) wishing you the best of luck in exams x

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