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Elaine9898 Leaving Cert Irish — 02/06/16 5

what are you predicting for essay titles? Here's what I'm thinking is topical •1916 • refugees • homelessness / poverty in Ireland • media • elderly people PLEASE SHARE YOUR PREDICTIONS!! ����

Orla2015 — 09/05/16
Sports would be another topic with the Summer that's in it Olympic Games and Soccer there was a programme near the start of the year highlighting obesity in Ireland as well ect. :) Hope this helps
Ttomk1111 — 10/05/16
Also about Irish culture and language
Ailbhe123 — 10/05/16
The future & relevance of irish language (In keeping with irish independance), The health system (Young doctors being over-worked, and also lack of nurses)
ciara252 — 26/05/16
lots of people are saying young people is going to come up
Caoimhìn_9794 — 02/06/16
would anyone have something to share with me regarding 1916/irish cultur?
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