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I did Prós Roghnach!?
Alex000 Leaving Cert Irish — 14/06/16 4

Did Prós Roghnach with Geibhean and Ghnáthrud.. Any hope I'll get any marks at all?

Úna_8280 — 14/06/16
Nope hahaha
aimer — 14/06/16
You won't!! Because they are on the course! That is for stories your teacher did that aren't on the given course
John smith234 — 14/06/16
You cant just answer on what you want,you need to answer the questions given.
EmDig — 14/06/16
Unfortunately you'll get zero marks for answering Prós Roghnach with the Prós Ainmnithe. It also says it on the paper so there's no way you could even get away with a "I didn't know".
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